Ante las consultas de Cecilia Toro sobre el viaje a África de Rolando Toro en 2008-2009: Claire Lewis escribio:

Judith Raymond Mushi es la profesora de Tanzania que concreto el proyecto del viaje a Orfanatos, Hospitales, Escuelas y Universidades de Tanzania. Ella esta creando un centro de Educación Biocéntrica en Bagamoyo, cerca de la capital Dar Es Salaam.

Las personas que hicieron el viaje a Tanzania organizado por Judith fueron: Marcus Stück, Norbet Schluderbacher, Claire Lewis y Rolando Toro. Wadeleine, hija de Marcus y su novio Alex, tambien viajaron con ellos.

En las fotos aparecen: Dr, Schechambo (fallecido en abril 2011) y su colega Paul. Las fotos fueron tomadas en la Universidad de Tumaire en Lushoto. Visitamos la Universidad el 1 de enero del 2009. Norbet y Alex tomaron las fotos.

Rolando Toro estuvo muy feliz de ir en este viaje aun mas, estando enfermo; lo que mas queria era ir a África, el sentia una profunda conexion con la gente, la tierra y la energia de África que permanecio con él en su último año de vida.

A pesar de que estuvimos en situaciones muy tristes, ya que niños de 5,6, 7 años veian a sus padres morir de AIDS, Rolando abrazaba cada día, cada nueva experiencia, cada persona nueva con una increible energia que siempre expresaba su gratitud por la vida.

Recuerdo con profunda emocion ese tiempo en África y los lugares donde Judith esta entregando su corazón para establecer Biodanza, creando un centro en la memoria de Rolando.

Un gran abrazo desde mi corazón.


Por su parte Norbert Schluderbacher Respondio lo siguiente sobre el viaje a África de Rolando Toro en 2008-2009:

Querida Cecilia,

thank you for kind email. I'm gonig to answer in english too, because it is a little better than my terribly poor spanish.

Sorry for not answering before, december has been a very intense and tyring month.

I remember the trip to Africa with your father as a very special event. As Claire told you, he was very enthusiastic about going to Tanzania and there was no way to make him change idea. The trip was long and intense, a few times difficult and tyring, most of the time rich and illuminating and your father loved every bit of it.

One of the many, was a profoundly moving Biodanza session with women, mostly mothers, with Aids in a hospital close the town of Moshi.

When we met them, the impression they transmitted me was that they felt as if they did not exist anymore. It was as if they had no more right to be seen, recognised, touched, beacuse of their illness... very sad.
As the session went on, they started to move, to get in touch with each other. I could see the surprise in their eyes about the possibility to dance with each other holding hands. Right away, form the first vivencias, we could see how their perception of themselfs changed...and then, like a lightning from the sky, your father put a music for encounters and asked them to hug. He went to a woman and huged her straight away, I was terryfied! I was afraid that it would be too much for them, but it was not. They embraced each other with great joy and it was as if a big,monumental grief had been dissolved...

There were encounters and sessions with professors at three Universities, at the school of Moshi, with students, children and adults. At the end we met representatives of the Ministry of Equal
Opportunities of Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam. After one of his beautiful presentations with a lot of slides of the work done during or trip, the commission was enthusiastic. The result was the beginning of a close cooperation between the goverment and Judith for the realisation of her Center of Biocentric Education and for a programm of introduction of Biodanza in social work in Tanzania.

As time passed it was getting more and more evident which great impact Biodanza could have on peace and health in the african continent.Claire was there, like an angel, protecting your father and supporting everybody with her knowledge, so did Marcus, Judith organised one
meeting after the other, under the most difficult conditions, and cared about the creating opportunities to have some rest too and I did translations and a lot of the documentary work.

There are many more things to remember about this trip and I woud be glad to share them with you at any time.

Of course you can use the pictures as you whish.
I would be glad to be mentioned as their co-author with Alex and I suppose this would be ok for Alex too. In the next days I will send you some more pictures that personally I like a lot.
I will send you also the pictures of some of the sculptures that were bought during this trip.

Cecilia, your father was a very, very dear friend for me and I woud be happy to contribute with something good for what was important for him, his children, the people he loved, his work and life.

A big hug to you and your family,

Norbert Schluderbacher